Help Wanted

The AreaGuides Network of 28 websites on the east coast has an opportunity
for you to earn a living for your family.  We are looking for people who are 
self motivated and organized.  Even in these tough economic times, we find 
a majority of people just want to put in their hours at work.... and go home....
which is one reason why we have openings.  

Our website administrator positions offer many positive features, but are not for
everybody's personality. They are independent contractor positions, which means
you are in control of your workday, but to be successful you need to get out the
door and visit your prospects, which for us are local small businesses.

As an independent contractor you be your own boss, and determine where and
when you go, what you do, and what products you talk about. You will receive
compensation of 50% of all your gross sales dollars.  You will pay your own
expenses, such as fuel for your car, business cards, telephone, etc.

PROS......You will represent high quality products and powerful internet names
that are extremely "value" priced in our field (advertising), which works well in
the challenging business climate we are in. You will also have many combinations
of products to potentially enhance your sales success. You will have the ability
to create new products, and suggest website enhancements as our goal is to
provide the best Internet promotional products available.

You will determine your own your own boss.  Because many of our
websites are geographically contiguous, you can represent multiple sites which
opens up more sales potential for you at no additional time or cost.

Our products work better than most in a challenging business climate because
we are so value priced....businesses cannot stop advertising completely, unless
they plan on going out of business. Our products promote local small business
24/7 - 365 for the price of one small print ad that lasts only a short time.

CONS...... You have to get up and out the door each day!


Contact Craig Shipp
and follow Craig at


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